Data Executor Prevention

  Eileanbeag 16:44 30 Dec 08

I have a new Dell computer running Windows Vista Home. I found that I could not load a Bridge programme and the only way it will load is if I change Data Executor Protection under the System tag to protecting Windows files only. Is this a silly move or am I still fully protected with my Antivirus programmes?

  provider 2 16:58 30 Dec 08

I think DEP is one of those items that seemed like good idea at the time it was introduced in XP but has caused all manner if irritating and unnecessary problems ever since.

Most people run it in the hope (if not expectation) that it will give some measure of protection, but for Windows files only.

  Eileanbeag 17:03 30 Dec 08

Many thanks - I will leave it running for windows only.

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