Data disc showing data present but nothing.. :(

  know_nowt 17:37 18 Jun 09

Hi Guys!
have another problem, i am hoping someone can help me with...

My mate copied some files on to a DVD recordable disc for me... when i got home, I clicked on the disc and even though it shows the data is present, I cant open or explore the disc...? i am on vista... anybody know wot the jiggings is going on??? the disc is new and the burning was competed using nero..

please,,, i need these files :( ... thanks :)

  PO79 17:52 18 Jun 09

The burning may have completed, but was the disc finalized to work on other computers. If not you will have to ask your mate (or someone else with Nero) to finalize the disc for you.

  know_nowt 17:59 18 Jun 09

i have nero... can i do it then? how do i do that??

  PO79 18:04 18 Jun 09

I don't use Nero, preferring Roxio EMC, so someone who use Nero will pick this up, but generally speaking re-insert the disc, open the packet writing or disc creation software, and under the burning process look for an option to "finalize disc"

  know_nowt 18:09 18 Jun 09

Cheers i will try that now :) thanks again,,,, i hope it works !! ;)

  know_nowt 18:37 18 Jun 09

nope! unless i am doing something wrong... saying the disk is blank.. whereas i know it isnt,, any other ideas???

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