data compression

  Hucky 09:45 29 Mar 07

can u please point me in the direction of a good free data compression tool...winzip doesent seem to reduce it that much...cheers!!!

  MAJ 10:01 29 Mar 07

It depends on what you're trying to compress, some file types wont take much more compression as they are already compressed.

  Simsy 10:07 29 Mar 07

ZipGenius, click here, is good. As well as beign able to compress format it can also use 7zip format which, apparently, can squeeze things smaller.

But, as MAJ has said, somethings are inherently compressed and just don't get smaller.

Some things can even get larger as they will squeeze up a tiny bit... but the included information about how to unsqueeze them takes upmore room than has been saved!

Good luck,



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