data backup in xp how do I do it

  still learning 11:51 05 Nov 03

Hi I am creating a partition for data backup with Acronis. I currently am using approx 5gb out of my C drive with xp and bits and partition will be 10 gb. how do I transfer the essential xp system which is working fine at the moment. all help appreciated. dave-still learning.

  christmascracker 15:17 05 Nov 03


  beeuuem 16:17 05 Nov 03

Acronis Trueimage copies the whole of the partition selected.Copy the C:/ partition, which will have your XP installation on it, to your new partition. You can't select which bits you want to copy,it copies the whole C: partition.
Once you have created the image on your new partition this can be opened, through Acronis or clicking on the image file, and you can open/move individual files/folders back to C.

Make the bootable CD from 'Bootable rescue media builder' in Acronis to allow you to boot from Acronis if the system fails. I found that the bootable CD works but couldn't get the bootable floppies to work.

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