Data advisor on last months cover disk

  jakey1 18:38 21 Jan 03
  jakey1 18:38 21 Jan 03

i have followed the instructions in last months pc advisor and made a floppy for data advisor however it does not start automatically on start up as it should.when inserted before boot up i get the message"non system disk or disk erreor" any ideas anyone-thanks

  KwaK 19:43 21 Jan 03

Sorry, I can't help, the same problem happened with me too, on both of the PC's I have here. :o(

The both have windows ME one duron and one athlon.

  sinfield 19:13 25 Jan 03

Same problem on my W98 system

  nangadef 19:27 25 Jan 03

You will always get that message if you have a non-system disc in drive A on boot up as the default drive is A before it looks at C.

  sinfield 19:33 25 Jan 03

nangadef hasn't understood the problem I think. The data advisor disc is supposed to act as a standa alone OS and therefore should boot up its own system and menu.

  nangadef 19:38 25 Jan 03

Sorry, I have misunderstood.

  howard60 21:05 25 Jan 03

were you asked to format /s the floppy before loading the program onto it?

  Fullofhope 10:25 29 Jan 03

I couldn't make it work either.
I have windows Me, and I appreciate that the floppy must be a BOOTABLE disc in order to work, and just copying files accross to a formatted disc will not make that disc bootable, because it doesn't transfer hidden ststem files.
There are 2 possible remedies, neither of which work.
1. Go into DOS if you can, and type format a:/s. That should give a system disc. But in windows Me you just get a message saying that that command is no longer supported.
2. Me does allow you to make a bootable floppy disc, but when you do that, there is no room left on the disc for much else. And anyway it boots you into windows, which you don't want.
We really need the magazine itself to let us have another solution to this impasse.

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