DAT File

  Thomo1 13:43 22 Dec 04

In my Documents and Settings folder i have a:

NTUSER, DAT file 1,280KB.

I cannot ever remember having this file here before.

Is it anything dangerous???

I have run my Norton AV, a2 and spysweeper and it has all come clean, everything is also up2date.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 22 Dec 04

Mine is 3,584KB but have just cleaned all the crap off my system i.e. now temp internet files.

  Thomo1 13:50 22 Dec 04

so its nout dangerous then.

i only ask cuz i just visited smileycentral .com and my a2 scan when i logged of told me i had TrojanDropper.Win32 in my Temp Internet folder.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:03 22 Dec 04

NTuser not danerous, trojan is. Clear your temp internet folder (tools- internet options-delete files)and rescan with a2.

  Thomo1 15:37 22 Dec 04

yeh trojan is cleaned. did that immediately. My Norton AV picked it up as well but would not fix it, it told me that is was Ad-Wareso couldnt repair and left it on my system.

What exactly is stored in a DAT file (also idex DAT) then and why can u never empty them out back to there default values???

  rogertjj 08:54 23 Dec 04

more info on index.dat files click here

  bremner 10:06 23 Dec 04

NT USER.dat is a Registry File you can not and must not delete it.

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