Dark deposit from PC on Wall

  Declanworld 16:30 08 Apr 16

My HP Workstation is making grey deposits on the wall behind it (about five inches away). No doubt this is coming from the fan.

Any suggestions as to how to minimise this? Can filters be added to the fan?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:43 08 Apr 16

clean the dust out of it regularly

wouldn't want to do anything that might restrict air flow as this amy case overheating.

  bumpkin 19:30 08 Apr 16

As FruitBat but there will always be a certain amount of dust so you could place a sheet of paper or card behind it to prevent it marking the wall.

  wee eddie 22:23 08 Apr 16

Is it possible that you have your PC close to the floor. Raise it up at least a foot. That should considerably reduce the amount of dust being sucked in.

  RV510 22:58 08 Apr 16

Are you sure that the mark on the wall is not the shadow of your PC? I thought the fan pulled air (and the dust) in, not out. You could move the PC further away from the wall!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:18 08 Apr 16

Air is usually sucked in from side and blow out through the PSU or rear Fans (it is on mine)

  rdave13 23:35 08 Apr 16

I'll go with wee eddie and *Fruit Bat /\0/* on this one . I never had my desktop PC near the floor. Had to clean out the dust once a year roughly and positioned as far away from a wall as possible.

  Declanworld 23:49 08 Apr 16

It sits on a table 40mm from the ground.

  rdave13 00:10 09 Apr 16

It sits on a table 40mm from the ground not a lot then unless you mean 40 cm from the floor and that isn't 'high' either. It's sucking in air that's carrying a lot of dust for some reason.

  wee eddie 01:37 09 Apr 16

Does the cat sit on it

  Declanworld 11:16 09 Apr 16

What cat?

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