DAP trace cleaner

  March Wind 17 Jun 12

DAP Trace Cleaner - www.facebook.com Under this heading which is in a box I have, Clean Download Traces, Telling me not to leave traces on my PC It is suggesting I buy. In the box it has my name and face book.com cashes files show 5/591, then a list with FB plugins if I click on one of these lines it says Whats This. (I cannot delete this line of info) If I click on Open in a different ? I get lots of icons. These I can delete and have. I clicked and opened some of the icons and saw lots of words and letters, on others I got pictures as if they were advertising, all innocent small pictures. Sorry to be vague but now I cannot find how I managed to get this info I have tried clicking on DAP but it is not there and I feel sure this is where I got the info from. Clear as mud but someone just maybe know what I am talking about and tell me is it alright for me to clean out these icons once I open the line of info up in a different ? as when I click on open it warns me not to but then if |I click on open in a different? it will open. Does someone understand what I am trying to say? If not then when I remember where I got all this info from I will be back.

  lotvic 17 Jun 12

DAP = Download Accelerator Plus (It is from speedbit.com)

It is an advert for the program 'Download Accelerator Plus Trace Cleaner' which is available to purchase.

This is what it does:

Every time you visit a site or download a file, pictures, temporary html pages and URL history are left on your computer so anyone who uses your computer can see what websites you've visited. With DAP all traces of your online Internet activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC.

If you really want to erase your history You can do this yourself for free just by deleting your browsing etc history.

I advise you to Stop clicking on Adverts

I'll repeat that - Stop clicking on Adverts and also on anything else you don't understand.

  March Wind 17 Jun 12

Do you think it would be a good idea to uninstall DAP?

  lotvic 17 Jun 12

I see from one of your other threads that you have Revo you can use that to uninstall anything you don't want. Whether a person wants a program or not is their own personal choice.

I have no idea whether you have actually got DAP installed or if it is just the advert for it on facebook page that you are seeing.

DAP is not an essential program. You don't need it.

  spuds 17 Jun 12

If you have either CCleaner, Advanced System Care or Toolwiz Care they might do the same job. Personally I would not pay for an item that be obtained for free, and there is plenty of these program available.

If you want to look for some, then try http://www.majorgeeks.com or http://www.filehippo.com

  March Wind 17 Jun 12

I think I will un install DAP. I do have it on my PC. But what about all the programmes I have downloaded with DAP and the ones that have not been opened or have broken? will I be un installing them along with DAP

  rdave13 17 Jun 12

When I played around with DAP it put an icon on the desktop that linked to your download folder. Bear in mind this was a few years ago so check your download folder to see what's there. DAP is only a download manager.


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