damn sony vaio

  madPentium 18:24 08 Sep 03

I have this laptop to sort out and had to format the hard drive. The cd-rom however, plugs into the pcmcia slot and when I boot to the hard drive I dont know what driver to load to see the cdrom drive.

Does anyone please have any ideas where this driver can be obtained from.

Many thanks

  Wobby 18:44 08 Sep 03

Can you let us know what model the laptop and cdrom drives are and also what OS you are loading onto it please?

  madPentium 18:49 08 Sep 03

yes sorry,

vaio pcgN505X notebook
cd= pcga cd51

Windows 98se. I have the windows driver, but cant find a dos one. It wont boot from cd when you tell the bios to do so.

Many thanks

  Wobby 18:57 08 Sep 03

Here you are matey, click here I'm afraid you have to become a member (no fee involved) to download it tho. Or you can try searching click here for "pcga cd51 driver" some other sites are charging for the driver tho - the cheek of it all.

  madPentium 19:08 08 Sep 03

I already tried that one. It only expands an inf file for windows 98. It doesnt give a .sys file :(

  Wobby 19:51 08 Sep 03

Ok, you can try click here

  madPentium 22:38 08 Sep 03

nope, that didnt work either :(
These programs say they are installing the drivers, you use them, but they dont work. They all seem to assume it's a TEAC drive in there but it's a TOSHIBA.
It ended up quicker to remove the toy hard drive, plug it into my tower and copy the 98se cd across. I then put it back into the notebook, booted and setup from the hard drive.


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