Damaged hard drive

  londonah 06 Jul 11


My Windows XP home edition pc is no longer locating my 500gb internal hard drive.

I was trying to transfer some mp3 files from one drive to another. While doing this my pc froze and I mistakenly decided to use the restart button. When my pc began rebooting it warned me that some files had been damaged, advised me to let windows do a check, and began identifying the damaged files (sorry, I cannot remember exactly what it said). It kept doing this for 24 hrs, at which point I decided to restart again. Since then pc has allowed me access the operating system but not the damaged drive. I really need to recover this stuff as there are important photos on the drive.

Any suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Jul 11

Assume you cannot see the drive in My computer?

Can you see the drive in disk management and has it got a drive letter assigned to it?

  londonah 07 Jul 11

I'll have a look tonight and report back.


  londonah 07 Jul 11

I can see the drive in disk Management - any suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Jul 11

as it got a drive letter assigned to it?

  londonah 07 Jul 11

Would it be best to copy all the files to another drive and format?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Jul 11

How are you going to copy files if you can't access it?

If it hasn't got a drive letter assigned then right clickit and assign a drive letter you can then see it in My computer.

If it has got a drive letter but you can't see in may computer then you may need a file recovery program to access the drive.

  londonah 07 Jul 11

Ok, once I found the drive, through Disk management, the drive reappeared in my computer as the c drive.

I will transfer all the files from the drive, format it, and then repopulate the drive.

Thanks for your help!


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