Daily internet usage.

  westgolf 09:54 24 Sep 09

Hi, is there some way I can check my daily / weekly internet usage ? Thanx.

  bjh 10:06 24 Sep 09

There's a very handy program I use here click here that does just that. Gives a graphical representation of actual usage, and a log of daily/weekly/monthly totals.

  westgolf 06:43 28 Sep 09

Many Thanks.

  mooly 09:06 28 Sep 09

Don't know if all/some routers have this but on the BT HomeHub it shows data sent and received on the main page. It does get reset occasionally back to zero presumably by BT at irregular intervals but useful non the less.

  cowgirl66 09:43 28 Sep 09

Hi westgolf, you wouldn't happen to be with Sky broadband by any chance would you? Only I've just had an email to 'remind' me that I mustn't exceed my internet usage.

Regards cowgirl66

  Stuartli 09:47 28 Sep 09

I've used Tautology Bandwidth Meter for several years.

Does exactly what it says on the tin and provides daily and monthly usage figures:

click here (freeware)

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