Dads pc upgrade.

  shortcircuit 21:51 11 Aug 03

My Dad wants me to upgrade his pc for about £150. He currently has a 450 P3, OB graphics and sound on a Gateway system. Its been very reliable for over 5 years and so want to give him something as reliable and a lot quicker. He has 512RAM working with 98se.
I have opted to build this.. Asrock K7s8x,1800xp athlon,128MB gfORCE mX440 GRAPHICS+NEW PSU AND HEATSINK.I chose this mobo as it has rave reviews where ever I look. Never used one yet
. Always been a Jetway 266b and Asus a7v8x man myself!
He has tuns of family stuff and photos built up over the years and although he backs up,I want to save him the hassle of reloading the lot on a clean install.. This is the question. He has two drives. C and D. If he transfers all his stuff to D, can I reformat the c drive and reinstall win98se and then access d from there on in, or would I have problems. Would it be better to disconnect d ( d: is slave) for the rebuild and connect after the driver load etc? can anyone see any problems with this?

  shortcircuit 22:36 11 Aug 03


  krypt1c 22:55 11 Aug 03

By all his stuff I assume you mean data files i.e. *doc, *txt etc. If so yes it's safe to copy them to the D drive and then carry out your reformat / reinstall. The files won't be removed. Don't forget he won't be able to access these files until after you reinstall the relevant software as well.
You can also save his cookies / favourites by using the export facility in IE

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