D Link wireless USB adapter

  shelz4 01:41 AM 17 May 11

I have recently purchased a USB adapter, I have installed everything and it has connected to the wireless router sucsesfully, but stil wont get a signal higher than 20% and wont let me go on to the internet?? Please help.

  dawood 09:50 AM 17 May 11

Most likely you did not connect this USB wireless adapter successfully to wireless router, check out this wireless network troubleshooting tips article, maybe could give you more ideas.

Hope this helps.

  Woolwell 10:29 AM 17 May 11

How far are you from the router? What is in between? Try changing the wireless channel.

  shelz4 01:13 AM 20 May 11

um im about 25 metres away. n theres a garage in between, could this be the problem?? how would i change what channel its on???. the signal usually is only 9% and ive tried everything and moved closer but didnt change the signal strength??

  TonyW2 19:36 PM 21 May 11

If you can connect to the router, then it should be OK as the wireless part of the connection does not determine whether you can access the internet. So check that connection. You may actually be connecting to some other network. Use the router access code ( or whatever your make is) and get into the router settings.


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