D-link router connection problem

  conrail 16 Mar 11

wife has company laptop running vista business which used to connect to my NTL modem and D-Link router wirelessly, she took it to work to update software and anti virus now it wont connect to the web although I can see a list of available netwoeks including mine which is secured, depending on which option I try to connect I either get the message "Pres the configuration button on your access point" not sure which is the configuration button, or "A network security key is required to connect", I have tried what I thought I had put as a password when I set the router up and also the pin number from the router, I have opened the D-Link web browser, but I cannot remember my login details.
all help and advice greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 17 Mar 11

The router's default login is probably "Admin" (without the quotes) as the Username with the Password field left blank.

The wireless encryption key in my D-Link router is masked with dots so, if you cannot remember what yours was, you may need to create a new key. You would then need to delete the 'profile' in all computers that connected with the old key and go through the procedure to Connect again.

It may actually be sufficient to delete the 'profile' in your wife's Laptop and Connect again, so try that as a first step.

  conrail 17 Mar 11

many thanks mgmcc, I was looking at your advice when I must have touched something or pressed a key, no idea what when I lost the net to my pc, ended up resetting the router,
you are right about the login name, it is admin and the password left blank
many thanks again for your help


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