D-Link problem

  Hetti 02 Feb 11

Hi all

After a system repair had problem with D-Link wireless adapter model DWL-G122, the messages says I need driver for Wlan card, phoned D-Link and they said to uninstall the software then go to website to reinstall lastest driver. My question is how do I uninstall the software, and where will I find the new software as I looked on D-Link website but I could not find it.
Is there any website that will give me step by step instructions?
Im not very techi but I can follow instructions, so will this be a job I can tackle?

Id be so grateful for some help here

  mgmcc 03 Feb 11

If it is the "DWL-G122 C1", the driver can be downloaded from click here but there isn't yet a driver on D-Link's site for the "DWL-G122 E1".

You would only uninstall the software if you were using their Wireless Networking software to connect, instead of Windows own software. The D-Link software would be uninstalled in the usual way from "Control Panel > Programs and Features".

After downloading updated drivers, you would go into Device Manager, expand the Network Adapters section and double click the D-Link adapter to open its Properties sheet. Select the Driver tab, click the "Update Driver" button and then 'browse' to the location of the new drivers you downloaded.

  Hetti 03 Feb 11


I did not install the software is there a way of telling if it is installed with D-LINK wireless networking software.
Just to say there are two disks that came with the d-link adaptor and the d-link router

  mgmcc 03 Feb 11

The CD that came with the router probably just includes a PDF copy of the manual and a "wizard" to configure the router, because a router isn't installed either as software or as hardware in a computer. You just connect to it with TCP/IP protocol.

If the CD for the network adapter was used, there will be an entry for it in Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features", depending on the version of Windows.

  Hetti 03 Feb 11


Thanks so much I got it done with first post info you sent.

Once again thanks


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