D-Link G604T Router Slow Connection

  dogbreath1 11:24 09 Dec 08

3 PC's all XPSP3 all ethernet connected to D-Link G604T router.

Still having problems with a slow internet connection on 2 out of 3 PC's.

The connections between the 2 problem PC's and the router are also very slow. Takes quite a while to be able just to logon to the router.

Looking for troubleshooting ideas. What chance the router is faulty? Are the symptoms I describe possible on a faulty router?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:44 09 Dec 08

Swap ports between good and bad PCs
Does the fault change over?
Swap cables and try same?

If the same PCs are still slow then router and cables are OK.

Check all settings and ethernet drivers on slow machines

  ambra4 13:21 09 Dec 08

Check that the LAN card is set to Auto-Negotiation

Setting – Network Connection – Right Click Local Area Connection – Properties – at the top of display

page the LAN card would be display - Click the Configure Button – Click Advanced Tab – Select

Connection Type – Auto-Negotiation is selected – Click OK

You should also check and update the Lan card driver

  skidzy 15:18 09 Dec 08

I had to replace my G604T due to drop outs,i never did find the problem after playing with everything possible within the configuration pages of the router and can only put it down to it getting to hot.

Some sound advice above,if still no joy try moving the router to a different place (if possible).

Are your computers wireless enabled ?
if so,what are the computers speeds like running wireless ?

  dogbreath1 20:40 09 Dec 08

@Fruit Bat /\0/\...have done the port and cable swaps with no change in performance. The ethernet drivers on the slow machines are identical (for RTL8139 Family Fast Ethernet NIC) and are out of date. The good machine has a different ethernet NIC. I got time to update the driver on the better of the bad machines. Installation of version 5.707 went fine, but no improvement in performance. Have checked some settings on the same PC and they seem all right...but I cannot be sure that I have checked all that I can or ought to! Any further guidance on this would be much appreciated.

@ambra4...LAN card (again, on the better of the two problem PC's) is set to Auto and, as I explained above, one driver has been updated but to no avail.

@skidzy...it would be difficult to re-site the router but I may just try the LAN at weekend with the heating turned off. The PC's are wireless enabled, but the reason why they are now connected by ethernet cable is due to wireless connectivity problems (reported on here quite a while ago)!

Keep the advice coming, chaps, coz tbh, I'll try anything at the moment, including changing my religion!! ;) LOL

  skidzy 21:00 09 Dec 08

DB have you tried pulling the power on the router for 5 minutes and try again.
This i had to do several times with my 604 over the weeks leading up to it being packed away.

I eventually gave up and bought a Belkin N Wireless Modem Router click here thats a good price as i paid over £100 when it first came out,not a cure i know but i think the 604 has a time limit.

  dogbreath1 21:32 09 Dec 08

I've tried powering down but not for so long. I've also tried a hard reset and reinstall.

The only thing that is stopping me from buying a new router is the thought that it may possibly not be a router problem.

One thing I have noticed and I'm unsure as to it's relevance, is what I find when I look in the network connections pane on each PC. All three PC's are showing a firewire and LAN connection, as you'd imagine, but the good PC is the only one showing a broadband connection.

  ambra4 11:59 11 Dec 08

Cyber Tweak

See if this will help Download Cyber Tweak in the drop down menu select, ASDL and click Optimise

click here

  dogbreath1 17:53 11 Dec 08

Thanks for that. I'm not back in the office until next Monday, but I'll certainly try that out.

  dogbreath1 17:58 11 Dec 08

I've run the above utility on all three PC's. As expected, the 'good' PC passed all of the tests but the two problem PC's had some failures.

I'm struggling to interpret the results and have posted screenshots below should a reader be able to help me further.

The good PC click here

Problem PC#1 click here

Problem PC#2 click here

  dogbreath1 18:00 11 Dec 08

The latter two images are small. I'll try to get them enlarged.

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