tonybell 18:02 02 Jul 04

Hi,for some reason my D: drive won't play DVDs, cd and roms play 90% of the time.uninstalled driver and reinstalled,used a lens cleaner,still no good.pc bought at pc world and still under warranty,customer services reckon I got to do a system recovery and I have to save my work to disk,well this is gonna take forever as I have about 3,000 music files.System recovery seems a bit drastic to me. I should add that I can play DVDs in my E:drive.Ta muchly for any help

  PSF 19:26 02 Jul 04

This might be a silly question but,is your D: drive a DVD player or CDR. You should not need to do a system recovery.

Can you read a DVD or CD in the drive, it could be the drive failing.

Have you tried removing the drive from the device manager, Windows will the re-install it when you re-boot.

  john-232317 20:19 02 Jul 04

Two dvd players in one PC, Is the software regognising both drives, or do you have to select which drive like audio software ???

  PSF 20:36 02 Jul 04

Two DVD players is not a problem in a system. I have a DVD and a DVD/RW and both work fine together using any selected media player.

You select which player when it starts after inserting a film or music cd.

  PSF 22:33 02 Jul 04

If The DVD's will not play in the D drive and ok in the E it is more likely to be a problem with the DVD unit. As you are under warranty PC world should replace the drive if it is faulty.

Telling you to do a complete system restore is a bit drastic, normally un-installing and re-installing the drive should cure most problems.

Can you visit the shop where you bought it, they could test the drive in store and replace if necessary.

  tonybell 23:21 02 Jul 04

thanks for your advice.I think I will take it back to the store,after all it's only 7 months old.Thanks again

  Tim1964 23:35 02 Jul 04

What about your 3000 music files? Don't forget to back them up first.

You raise a good point though. The thought of backing up your files my seem a time-consuming chore BUT imagine if the HDD had died without notice!!!!

It just shows it pays to backup (music files), even a CDR at a time just in case.

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