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  babybell 14:00 15 Nov 05

A work collegue's laptop has become slow at startup and whilst carrying out most tasks. It is a Cybermaxx Laptop running XP. I have noticed there are three seperate drives, C: called "Boot", NTFS, 14 gig with 6 gig free, a D: called "Backup", NTFS, 8 gig, 7.5 free and a E: called "Recover" FAT32, 4.5 gig with 1.4 free! The recover drive contains a file called retten.exe and has four associated files and the backup drive has installation files for most of the programs on the laptop, such as adobe and his grpahics drivers. Are these three seperate sections required or can we convert it into just one C: with those folders in? Who would we go about getting rid of them and could this be the reason for its slow performance? One other thing, reading through the manual it says that the boot drive (C:) has the operating system and applications, documents and settings, the backup drive (D:) serves for data security and contains additional drivers and tools and the operating system of the pc (again?) and the recover drive (E:) contains copies of your windows installation. Confused?

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  DerekR 17:49 15 Nov 05

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Try posting your question on here - I see my Medion desk top has the same partitions, only larger. I don't belive that the partitions on your HD can cause a slow down - sounds more to do with the installed software.

Have a look at just what is fired up on start up - perhaps you have a few too many applications starting up when XP boots in

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Missed off the Medion Forums link!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 15 Nov 05

Recover is to restore your laptop and operating system to "as new settings"

Backup is a copy of the installed programs

You will need both if the laptop fails so donot delete or alter the partion sizes.

If the laptop is slowing down then check for spyware and viruses.

clear out all the temporary files and registy rubbish .
Crap Cleaner click here will do this for you

Run a scanreg and defragmention on the Hard drives

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