cyberlink power dvd player make region free

  diese 21:07 30 Jul 04

i have cyberlink power dvd installed on my pc how do i make it region free ? It will only let you play different region discs five times then it becomes locked to that region any ideas how to make it region free thanks !

  Chegs ® 21:21 30 Jul 04

There is several apps around the www that will alter PowerDVD(DVD Genie,etc) to make it region free,I fail to see the logic in doing this unless you are viewing DVD's from assorted continents.If,(like most folk)your only viewing DVD's from "BlockBusters"etc,then there is no need.

  diese 21:34 30 Jul 04

i buy region 1 discs ( USA)off of the internet as well as region 2 ( EUROPE)as region 1 discs come out before region 2 allowing you to watch the blockbusters before they are released in the uk . Other region discs are cheaper than uk also so it makes sense to be able to play them thus multi region!

  woodchip 21:46 30 Jul 04
  Chegs ® 02:04 31 Jul 04

DVD Genie only supports region free DVD drive. If your DVD drive is region protected (RPC-2), you should try DVD Region-Free to watch all region DVDs. Please note: all DVD drives as of 1 Jan 2000 is RPC-2 which means you can only switch the DVD drive's region for 5 times.

Which means your next question could be "How do I make my drive region-free?" Depending on its make,you should be able to flash the Firmware but this can lead to a completely DEAD! drive if it goes wrong. :-)

  deggsymann 08:21 31 Jul 04

Buy a copy of AnyDVD from a company called SlySoft, which will fool your drive into thinking it is region free without actually altering it. Costs about £25.
Other way is to buy another dvd rom drive if you have space, and make one drive region 1 and the second region 2.

  Dorsai 08:26 31 Jul 04

click here

This company, many branches through out UK, sell 'multi reagon' DVD players, price starts from £40.00. Plus point is it frees up the PC to be used when someone else is watching a DVD.

And if you try to make your PC dvd drive reagon free, and it goes tit's up, a new DVD drive probably costs about this, and this method is safe, and has a 12month gurantee.

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