Cutting downloaded video

  yahwob 08:35 28 Aug 06

Hi guys,

Is there any way I can cut some opening megabytes from a mpeg that a friend emailed me. It's a family video but the opening scene is a bit dodgy for me to show the family! It's a 40 mb mpeg and just need to cut say the first 2 mb, can I do this and what software do I need.

Many thanks

  Mark5001 09:02 28 Aug 06

click here

Good editing software I use all the time, and FREE.

  g0slp 09:47 28 Aug 06

I don't think much of the feedback on it, even disregarding the 'trolls' from a commercial site ;). Also, last updated 1999?

  wolfie3000 11:46 28 Aug 06

Try windows movie maker or download Uleads editing software these will both do the job without being overly complicated.

Windows moviemaker download

click here

Ulead Video studio download

click here

  Mark5001 18:31 28 Aug 06

Feedback can be important but in this case I don't think so. As I said I use this all the time and have NEVER had a problem with it. Many of the progs I use are no longer in production but they do the basic things they are supposed to do. Today many programmes have a steep learning curve when there is no need. This does what it says on the box. It cuts mpg files. Plain & simple.

  dangerusone 21:11 28 Aug 06

can I have the bit you cut off,it sounds interesting

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