steve263000 13:13 31 Dec 05

After speaking about the program with another member and a friend in work, I decided to give it a try, so downloaded the trial program. As anyone who has done it will know, you are asked to input the web site address as part of the verification process.

When I put in the address of my site, click here a message came up to the effect that they did not support that type of web style. Does anyone know why? Is there something unusual in a homepage type web address. Or should I get on to CuteFTP and ask them?

I have already found that MS Front page will not upload directly, and I am having problems with the tranfer program I do use, Terrapin. This does not seem to upload the Photo Vista file that I want it to. It could be my fault of course, in the upload, but it does work well in a browser preview.

  Forum Editor 15:12 31 Dec 05

to the fact that your site is in free ISP webspace, and does not have a www prefix.

That's about the only thing it could be, if the software is rejecting the url itself - unless it was expecting an ftp server address. I haven't used CuteFTP, so I'm not much help I'm afraid.

  Taran 15:49 31 Dec 05

This from the horses mouth, as it were:

The host address will follow the format click here or 123.456.78.100. It should not contain ftp:// or http://

Taken from the CuteFTP general support page at click here

I've no idea whether or not NTL support FTP for their free space - you'll have to check with them for the answer to that one. Assuming they do you should enter your FTP address and not your http web address when setting up your FTP account in CuteFTP.

FTP is used to transfer files.

HTTP is used (without going into too much detail) between the web server and the browser that placed a request from it for a page.

That's a gross oversimplification but it serves to demonstrate the fundamental differences between browsing the web (http) and uploading, downloading or otherwise amending files on a specific location using FTP (file transfer protocol).

Check with your ISP and use the destructions they give you to connect.

Normally the connection will be click here or something similar.

  Taran 15:50 31 Dec 05

I forgot about the forum turning links into the 'click here' you can see in the above.

Hover your cursor over the links and you will be able to see how they should appear.


  steve263000 09:14 01 Jan 06

Thank you both for the interest and replies. I will now have another go at it.

All the best and a Happy New Year to all.


  anchor 15:45 04 Jan 06

Any luck?. Have NTL been able to help you resolve matters?.

  steve263000 12:19 06 Jan 06

I have had no help from NTL. There web page help is next to usless. They supply the web space, and advise you to use click here for the ftp transfer and that is it. See the updated 'photovista' subject for more on that.

If anyone knows more about NTL and the upload help they might supply then please email me.

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