Cut 'n Paste

  misters 20:21 03 Apr 03

I was just wondering if i can cut'n paste two different things, then place them in different places. If so how?
thanx in advance

  DieSse 20:25 03 Apr 03

You can in Office - it's automatic. Just put two things onto the clipboard - then you get a choice of which to paste.

  misters 21:17 03 Apr 03

Would this not work in say "a visual basic program (code) etc. Or even the internet.

  AndySD 21:22 03 Apr 03

Have a look on the web as there are plenty of small free clipboard programs that will enhance the windows clipboard to do this for you.

  misters 21:43 03 Apr 03

Any good directions to start me off, tried googl but not reall sure what to search for.

  misters 21:44 03 Apr 03

That is google and really. Sorry

  AndySD 22:00 03 Apr 03

click here is one.

Try this in Google

clipboard program free

  keverne 22:05 03 Apr 03
  Les 22:31 03 Apr 03

Try daconnor's link. I use this program and it's very good. You can store a hell of a lot of clips in it.


  ton 00:22 04 Apr 03

I have used Yankee Clipper for a long time. It is very good and easy to use. In the past I have looked at several programs of this type, including ones that you pay for. I decided that Yankee Clipper does the job with the least hassle. Find It here click here

  misters 16:44 05 Apr 03

Thanx to everyone.

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