Cut and fade music on website - how to edit file online

  guest90 21:40 08 Apr 14

(Please excuse any flaws in my grammar)

I saw this website which sold background music to videos. The users were presented with following steps to make the song fit their project:

1) Hear the song in player (preview, original lenght).

2) Pick the song to buy.

3) Transfers to product page + simple editor

4) Customize settings: length(minutes), lenght(seconds), fade(on/off), fade(length). - all settings with an x-minutes/seconds max length.

5) Download the customized result in zip.

6) Hear the result after download.

I guess the site owners upload a looped x-minutes version of the song to use as source for the customization, but how is this possible?

I am sorry if the answer is somehow obvious, i am new to any kind of languages needed to implement this myself, and i refuse to believe they actually upload all the possible individual results:)

Any help is very much appreciated, as i am stuck with this question.

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