Cut-down "Games" mode?

  HenryVII 14:40 03 May 09

Is there a way of setting a Vista Home Premium PC so that, when I am playing a game (Trainz) not requiring the internet, only the absolutely necessary software is running? If that's possible, I would like to be able to switch easily betwen "games" and "normal" modes, ideally so that the Internet connection and security software is also switched in or out appropriately.

  wolfie3000 16:28 03 May 09

I haven't heard of anything that can do that but one thing you can do is check to see what programs are running that you don't need,

Using the MSCONFIG command should do that.

As for turning off your internet connection for playing offline games i cant see the benefits of doing that.

If you are finding some games running laggy7 on your pc the only real way to solve this is to turn the settings down on the game and maybe invest in some new hardware.

  tullie 16:42 03 May 09

You ok for RAM?

  HenryVII 16:45 03 May 09

The point of turning off the internet connection is that you don't need any protection from the outside world, so you can shut down Norton, or whatever.

I would prefer to let the game have access to all the PC resources it can have, rather than let the many, many irrelevant services, eg. wmpnscfg or taskeng, consume RAM and CPU time, before I have to compromise on the game's own settings.

I can shut down what I guess is not needed, but that takes a lot of time every time the game is played, and then it needs to be reinstated afterwards (yes, OK, a restart should do that).

  HenryVII 16:46 03 May 09

Tullie, yes 4Gb, although I use 32-bit Vista, so only about 3Gb is available.

  phono 16:50 03 May 09

Would this be of any help? click here

  rdave13 16:54 03 May 09

If xp go to control panel and internet connections and create a desktop icon.
Right click internet icon in system tray and disable. Disable firewall, AV and any runnung security apps; that should save cpu/ram usage. If you shut down after the game your security programs should auto start at boot. If you don't want to reboot, after finnishing the game, simply enable security apps then use the internet icon on desktop to enable connection again.

  HenryVII 16:55 03 May 09

Phono, thanks, I will try it today, if poss.

  phono 16:56 03 May 09

Let us know how you get on.

  HenryVII 17:09 03 May 09

rdave13, thanks, but I've already used that approach. It's all the other bits and pieces (have a look at Task Manager/Processes) that I want temporarily to get rid of without crippling the PC.

Again, wmpnscfg is one of them. What does it do for me? I only use Windows Media Player to view a DVD movie once every few weeks......

  mrwoowoo 17:13 03 May 09

You can shut down Norton and your anti spyware software whilst connected to the net without any problem.
As long as you aren't downloading or browsing a firewall is all you need.
Just remember to put them back on after gaming as i do.
Your firewall will only use a tiny amount of resources and will provide all the protection you need whilst you are only gaming.

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