cut the cake please

  Ben.s 09:47 23 Feb 04

hi i am running win XP and i want me the owner of my pc to be able to controll how much space each acount can have in space is this possible and is this called partionin your drive?
im probly getting mixed up with something else but if you can help that will be great!

  Mikè 09:50 23 Feb 04

In "my computer" right click the relevant drive and go to the Properties and then quota tab.

  Mikè 09:53 23 Feb 04

Xp's HELP FILE has a fair bit on this..

Also this is only available if you are using ntfs and not fat32.

  Ben.s 09:56 23 Feb 04

does that mean i cannot do this task?
and can i switch?

  Paranoid Android 10:03 23 Feb 04

Yes you can switch, check Windows Help file on the Convert function. However you cannot easily convert back.


  Ben.s 10:09 23 Feb 04

where do i acess this cheers
how do i get there or where do i find it?

  Mikè 10:12 23 Feb 04

If you mean the help file, it's in the start menu.

  Ben.s 10:25 23 Feb 04

convertC:/fs:ntfs in command prompt?

  Mikè 10:37 23 Feb 04

convert C: /fs:ntfs

You need a couple of spaces as above, may work as you have it but above is probably best.

  Ben.s 12:52 23 Feb 04

thanx alot i hav NTFS now cheers

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