customising Windows 7 font size and appearance

  novis 07 Jul 12

I was able to customise the appearance of Windows XP and Vista and save the themes. There does not appear to be such an option [so that I wan work on dark backgrounds and enlarge the size and appearance of fonts in toolboxes &c. Can this be done in Windows 7 ?

I have checked through the Themes tabs &c in Word 7 bbut can't find an option to allow me to browse to my saved settings and install them in Windows 7.

  novis 07 Jul 12

Sorry - I meant Windows 7 - not Word 7:

I have checked through the Themes tabs &c in Windows 7 but can't find an option to allow me to browse to my saved settings and install them in Windows 7.

  Woolwell 07 Jul 12

Try - Control Panel - Personalization - Change windows glass colors and then click on advanced settings.

  Woolwell 07 Jul 12

Advanced appearance settings - missed the word appearance!

  novis 07 Jul 12

This is a partial answer, and welcome. However I will have to enter all of the settings manually. Is there no option that will allow me to browse and select a previously saved theme?

  rdave13 07 Jul 12

Have a look here and use the drop down menu where 'desktop' shows to see where you can change the fonts.

  rdave13 07 Jul 12

You could browse here I suppose but I doubt you'll find something to your personal needs.

  Woolwell 07 Jul 12

Do you already have a theme? How did you create it?

  Woolwell 07 Jul 12

If you have a theme then paste it in C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes and it will show up under my themes.

  novis 07 Jul 12

I have created themes using windows and the utility in the Advanced appearance settings. If I were able to access the Themes folder in Windows Explorer I could paste it in.

Can someone tell me how to

a) display the folders not shown in Explorer b) access this folder in which themes are stored


  novis 07 Jul 12


AppData doesn't show up as a folder


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