Custom PC Lag

  Trance-Addict 23:12 27 Feb 07

Hey, a few months ago I finished building the basics of my custom PC.

Upon finishing and starting it up I had noticed after a while my PC began to Lag and my CPU temp indicator started going higher...

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

Im still using the PSU that came with my case, could this be my problem?

Any suggestions would be greatful, its begining to get very annoying for me to use my computer.

Thanks, Chris.

  Kate B 23:19 27 Feb 07

Dodgy fan? Not enough thermal gunk underneath the processor?

  Totally-braindead 23:20 27 Feb 07

Firstly what board and processor do you have and when you say high how high do you mean?
Do you have case fans fitted? Did you put thermal paste on the heatsink before you fitted it on the processor? Are the fans, presumming you have case fans, working in the correct direction?

  Trance-Addict 23:24 27 Feb 07

Mobo: Asus A8V-E SE
CPU: AMD 64 3800+ Socket 939

Fans are working correctly, one sucking air inwards on the side and a giant one at the back sucking it back out again.

There was thermal paste on the heatsink that came with my CPU. I remember because i got a bit on my fingers.

  I am Spartacus 23:26 27 Feb 07

I haven't experienced a PC 'lagging' due to overheating, they've tended to intermittently crash.

It could be software that's been added since it was built.

have you checked and cleaned the fans?

  Trance-Addict 23:29 27 Feb 07

The fans are fine and are fairly clean as i cleaned them before putting my computer together.

The CPU temp raised by about 10 degrees. I dont use the indicator anymore tho so i dunno if thats still the case.

Ever since i built it i have had troubles with the lagging thing.

  User-312386 23:32 27 Feb 07

what is the temeperature?

I would have removed the thermal paste and put a tiny size on the cpu.

  Trance-Addict 23:34 27 Feb 07

It is usually around 40/45 but when it lagged and i had the indicator it went upto 55+

Why does the Thermal paste matter ?

  I am Spartacus 23:38 27 Feb 07

What exactly do you mean by lagging? How slow is it?

  Totally-braindead 23:42 27 Feb 07

55 degrees centigrade is not overheating. If it was 75 degrees then that would be overheating.

As I am Spartacus says what form does this lag take?

  Trance-Addict 23:43 27 Feb 07

It slows right down... on some occasions it has frozen completely, but mouse still worked.

Basically... stuff like maximizing windows etc becomes a chore, i can be waiting quite a while sometimes.

Oh, also, im using a SATA drive, but i dont think i installed the OS properly...

Someone later tells me about the RAID drivers.

Only way i can get onto my computer is because i have another HDD installed that had an OS on it,

so when my computer asks which O2 i want to logon to i jus select my SATA.

Ive tried booting from SATA without the other drive installed and it cant find it.

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