custom gaming computer help and cougar extreme.

  JPedro 29 May 11

Hi, Is my first time building a custom pc and I like to know if this is good enough to play games like Cities XL 2011,Command & Conquer 4 and GTA IV(with modifications, no need to be in maximum quality)and if there is anything wrong i.g compatibility mistakes.

INTEL CORE I3 2100 - 3.10GHz - 3MB, XIGMATEK SCORPION HDT-S1283 COOLER, 4GB DDR3 Kingston 1333 (2x 2GB), 500GB SATA Hard Drive, 160GB SATA Hard Drive, No addition third hard drive, ASROCK H61M -MATX, 2 D3 1333 - PCIEX16 - PCIE - 1759GF - HDMI - DVI int, ATI HD 6670 1024MB PCI Express DDR DVI, 2206 Black Midi Case with 500W PSU, 450Watt Cougar Extreme PSU, DVD+/- RW - 20X (Pioneer DVR-S19LBK), Integrated Sound Card, Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit, No Additional Software, Wireless N Network card, Intergrated Monitor Speakers, PCI Firewire Card, 3.5 Internal Card Reader, 80mm Case Fan, Free Courier Insurance, Standard Warranty, Standard England & Wales Shipping, Payment by Debit Card

for £534.16 from Cougar extreme. However I like to know if Cougar extreme is really reliable.

(sorry for the bad english, I still learning)

  chub_tor 30 May 11

If you log into this site you can compare your machine specs to those needed to play the games you have listed. On a brief look I can see no problem with the machine you have specified for those games. It will not play the latest fastest games but it is a fair basic machine. As for Cougar, you can search this site for comments about them, but most I have seen have been positive and they have been recommended by several members.

  JPedro 31 May 11

Thanks mate. but what about me using my tv as my monitor?

  chub_tor 31 May 11

Your spec says that you have HDMI output on your video card, if you have the same type of input on your TV then just hook them up together.


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