Cursor freeze during game play

  derrydysart 09 Jun 11

I am running Windows XP. Of late, my mouse has frozen from time to time during game play. I find if I wait a few seconds, it generally comes back. Otherwise, if I unplug the USB connection and then re-insert it, it'll come back for a while. Can you help? derrydysart

  onthelimit1 09 Jun 11

Could be the CPU is overheating. PC or laptop?

  derrydysart 09 Jun 11

Thanks for the interest. PC.

  lotvic 09 Jun 11

pm (20:15)

How much ram have you got?

what are the pc specs?

Graphics Card or Onboard?

Which games does it freeze on?

Could be pc is not quite up to running them or overheating under load. Take side off pc and check it is clean of dust and muck, especially the fans.

  onthelimit1 10 Jun 11

'especially the fans' and the aluminium heat sink.

  woodchip 10 Jun 11

Have you tried turning down Graphics Acceleration in Display Properties? in Control Panel There is a Slider for this in Settings/Advanced/Troubleshoot

  derrydysart 10 Jun 11

Well I dusted down my PC, but to no effect. For what it's worth I have Intel 4 CPU and 1G RAM. I have had no problems with running this game in the past. Further, I have realised that the momentary freezing of the cursor intermittently occurs in Windows generally; it is not limited to the game. Does anyone have any further ideas?


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