curser keeps jumping

  jeanette78 13:33 11 Sep 04

my curser keeps jumping all over the screen and opens and closes different menus. it has only started two days ago. one minute i am surfing the net and then my curser keeps flashing all over the place and several menus open at once and the page i am looking at disapears!!! i hope someone can help me as it it driving me nuts, thanks jeanette.

  Dorsai 13:55 11 Sep 04

IS is a battery mouse? IF so, soundslike the battery is flat.


click here

click here

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try these. Ad aware, spybot search and destroy, a squared.

These should sort it.

After you down load, remember to run the update option before you run the prog it'self

and don't forget crazy mouse, it can cause strange things

click here

scroll down about one page, or search the site for 'crazy mouse' it makes the mouse pointer behave crazy (as you might expect).

  lmhillyard 19:25 11 Sep 04

If you unplug the keyboard does it stop the problem?
If yes you may need a new one.

  wee eddie 22:36 11 Sep 04

Mice are ludicrously cheap.

A simple Optical one can be bought for a tenner or so.

They work in exactly the same way as those costing £25.00 or more, but without the WOW factor.

  jeanette78 13:55 12 Sep 04

I have cleaned my mouse(again) and will try that, i am also thinking of buying another mouse,where did u buy the optical one for a tenner, wee eddie? if that doesn't work i will try to unplug the keyboard (i am a novice with the p.c.) thanks for the replies, jeanette

  wee eddie 19:48 12 Sep 04

The place that sell Time PC's

Samsung/Trust/ or whatever they have re-badged it as.

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