Current Date and Time problem in video camera

This is entirely guess work – but here goes.

It wants you to create a .txt file – a simple text file with no formatting characters etc. Normally, I’d use Notepad for this (Windows/Accessories). It wants you to call this text file tag.txt. Notepad automatically appends the .txt extension.

It will then read the date and time from this .txt file and set its own internal clock from it.

So far, so good.

It wants you to create this text file and copy it to the root directory of the memory card. If this were a stills camera, I’m guessing that root directory would be called ‘DCIM’. However, it may also mean that it just wants you to place the text file direct on to the memory card, on a par with any top level directories that are on there.

The good thing is, you can try both – no harm will come of putting one in the wrong place, I wouldn’t think. You can copy your tag.txt file to multiple locations.

So again: so far, so good.

Where it gets tricky is in how it wants you to format your text file. Here, you may have to use trial and error.

Where I’d start is, on the first line of your text file, put 2012/07/07 (or whatever).

Then return, and on the next line

15:07:00 (or whatever) for the time.

So, as follows:

2012/07/07 15:07:00

Where I don’t quite understand it is in its reference to spaces.

It could mean it wants

[Space] YYYY/MM/DD [Space] HH:MM:SS

Again, some trial and error may be called for. See how you get on… :-)


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