Curiouser and curiouser

  lindtchocdude1961 21:03 20 Sep 03

Hello people,

I`ve just copied some music onto a cd via the internet and it plays perfectly on my computor and my cd walkman but not my main cd player!?!?!?

What on earth is that all about pray tell?

Regards lcd.

Needless to say I haven`t really downloaded any music because that`s not allowed so this is a purely hypothetical problem ;0)

  Joe McG 21:05 20 Sep 03

Sounds like the laser on your cd player may not be up to the task.

  Jack D 21:06 20 Sep 03

Hypothetical answer "Houston, we have a problem!"

  lindtchocdude1961 21:16 20 Sep 03

<b>Joe McG</b>
<i>Sounds like the laser on your cd player may not be up to the task.</i>



Oh poo!...... thats horrible.

Well I guess that`s a cool way of stopping internet piracy.

  wee eddie 22:09 20 Sep 03

What format is your CD player expected to read normally.

I am assuming that you Walkman is a relatively newer model and may be able to read, say MP3.

  Willow12 22:18 20 Sep 03

If hypothetically you had copied the music at too fast a speed then the quality of the information may not allow a normal CD player to read the CD. The slowest speed setting is usually best for this hypothetical stealing of music!

  DieSse 22:46 20 Sep 03

The CDs produced by a Cd-writer on a PC are not identical in many ways to pressed CD's - they are actually harder to read. They may have more signal jitter - they certainly have a different reflectance - if you use anything above the original standard 74min the tracks may be crammed a little closer together - all in all I think they only produce about 50% of the signal "quality" of a pressed CD

So - many older domestic CD-players cannot read them successfully.

You can experiment with different bransd of Cd and different recording speeds, which may give you a burned CD with less jitter and a higher reflectance, which might improve matters.

It's nothing to do with piracy, as newer domestic equipment is much better, and much is now marked as able to read CD-Rs and even CD-RWs (which are even harder to read than CD-Rs)

  fullywired23 23:03 20 Sep 03

I think Wee Eddie is right the file you copied is probably Mp3.which will play on your computer but not on your main Cd player. make an Audio cd with Nero not a mp3 cd

  Forum Editor 23:20 20 Sep 03

deserve clever answers - and you've had yours.

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