CSI - Crime Scene Investigation

  Fleetblue 19:03 09 Aug 06

Have just bought the above game for my PC but it will not load. System requirements are all OK, but when I put the disc in nothing happens. Eventually the "program is not responding" "End Task" window comes up. Anyone else had this problem?

  SG Atlantis® 19:07 09 Aug 06


I have all the games and they all run fine.

Have you any software installed that can copy disks? If so remove it.

Updated any drivers lately?

Is the disk clean?

  DieSse 19:08 09 Aug 06

Sounds like a faulty CD at first sight.

  Fleetblue 21:19 09 Aug 06

Update to this. I have uninstalled the disk copying software. I have not installed any new drivers and the disk is clean. However I have managed to install the game on my laptop. I have McAfee Security. Could this have a bearing on the problem?

  SG Atlantis® 21:27 09 Aug 06

In honesty, I don't see how it could.

But unplug your modem, and disable mcafee and then try the install again.

My only experience of games not installing (apart from limited hardware) is when I had copy software installed...

Some games can detect this and won't run.

Incidently I'm watching csi on livingtv.

  vinnyT 11:54 10 Aug 06

Is the cd on the LT writable or read-only, if it's the latter, that's prob the answer.

Some cd/dvds had copywrite protection on them that prevented them from playing on a machine capable of copying ie has a writable cd/dvd drive installed.

Though I thought that this had been stopped, as no one was able to play the things these days.

  vinnyT 11:56 10 Aug 06

Sorry, should have pointed out that some of them wouldn't play even if you had removed the burning sw firsrt, it was/is hardware dependent.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:02 10 Aug 06

Which Graphics card make/model or have you onboard graphics. If a Dedicated AGP card do you know what the driver version is ?

Also which windows have you got and have you got Service Pack 2 installed with DirectX v9c

Have you recently had or has the machine had a memory upgrade maybe since new.

Its unlikley to be the CD, if purchased new, more likley to be a software or hardware configuration problem.

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