Crucial Memory upgrade not supported?

  So Afraid 15:42 23 May 09

According to the specfication of the motherboard some of the compatible upgrades do not seem correct can you check with me.

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  So Afraid 15:45 23 May 09

Example PC2-6400

  DieSse 16:30 23 May 09

If you read the motherboard manual

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You'll see there is some DDR2-800 RAM on the qualified vendors list.

I'll give you that it would be better if both board manufacturers and RAM suppliers made it clearer what speeds will work, and at what speeds they will work at.

You shouls also be aware that there are more than one version of the motherboard, and many BIOS versions - I can't see it made clear exactly which supports what in either case.

I would err on the cautious side - but exactly what is your issue? Are you upgrading? - in which caase you might need to buy RAM which matches what you have - if you are totally replacing, then buy in matching pairs - for instance.

  So Afraid 16:59 23 May 09

I was thinking of buying more ram - i have PC2-4200 at present and i know i could upgrade to PC2-5300 but not the faster PC2-6400 so was surprised to see it as compatible.

  DieSse 17:08 23 May 09

Mixing RAM speeds is a very poor idea. You've got a dual-channel motherboard. To get the speed advantages of dual channel RAM, the RAM modules must be fitted in matching pairs in the correct sockets - I see your board has 4 sockets.

What do you have in them right now, and where would you like to get to?

PS what OS are you using - 32-bit Windows will only give you around 3 to 3.25 GB available RAM, no matter how much you fit (max for your board is 4GB I think.)

  DieSse 17:10 23 May 09

PS - compatible means it should work - not that it will run at PC2-6400 frequency.

  So Afraid 17:22 23 May 09

I have 2x512mb in the 2 slots so wanted another 2x 512mb to fill up all 4 slots - they are in dual channel mode at present.

OS is 32 bit

  citadel 17:28 23 May 09

adding more of the same wiil benefit, probably wont see noticable increased speed if changing to faster memory

  So Afraid 19:47 23 May 09

Ok thanks for the help

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