CRT Monitors

  Rebanut 17:49 28 Aug 03

I want to buy a 17in CRT monitor and was wondering if anyone can reccomend one, I see on the reviews section here that the Mitsubishi is
reccomended but anyone have different opinions.

  -pops- 18:24 28 Aug 03

If you are at all critical about the monitor you want you would be best having a look at likely candidates and seeing them in action. You can have as many reviews and reports as you like but those are necessarily other peoples opinions and possibly (probably?) won't be yours.

There are all sorts of tiny things that can influence whether a monitor suits you or not - small colour casts, almost imperceptible flicker and so on and so forth.

Many people wouldn't be bothered by this but, as you do seem to be wanting the best, have a look and decide for yourself.

N.B. I'm using a 17" Mitsubishi at the moment. Had it for years. Can't fault it!


  Diemmess 18:34 28 Aug 03

Bearing in mind -pops- home truths.
Had a Ilyama Pro for ages and needing the space used the excuse of handing down the family to buy a TFT.

The CRT was expensive (nearly £400) when bought, but was to my eyes a beauty. The "trinitron" screen was supposed to irritate because of it's 2 fine lines horizontally, but never worried me because I found I had to look hard to see them.

  wags 18:48 28 Aug 03

Pops is quite right. You must see one in action. Personally I think Mitsubishi are excellent. I have just bought the diamond Pro 930 SB 19" CRT which is excellent. I also have a 17" Diamond Pro 710 (3 yrs old) on another PC which is also extremely good.

  Fordy 19:15 28 Aug 03

I have had the Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 220 (22") for 18 months and cannot fault it, in my opinion it is perfect in every way, as Diemmess says the two horizontal lines are almost invisible

  zaach 19:54 28 Aug 03

It might pay you to have a look at the CTX 17in CRT as well. When I bought a a new monitor recently I looked at a fair number and chose the CTX.

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