Crossover cables

  Andrea2003 14:15 26 Jan 04

Is it possible to attach one crossover cable to another, thereby making one REALLY long one and if so, how? We currently have 2 PCs networked via crossover cable as it was the easiest way and we couldn't get a hub to work

  slimbo51 14:20 26 Jan 04

Yes with the right double female connector.

Be aware though above 10m not very reliable.

  Andrea2003 14:26 26 Jan 04

Brilliant, thanks for your help Slimbo

  hampster 14:28 26 Jan 04

Yes it is possible. You need a connector block
to plug the cables into ( they are available from
office supply outlets or Maplin etc).
You must bear in mind that two crossover cables connected together, will cross over twice!
Therefore it will no longer be a crossover cable.
Get around this by using a connector with a crossover in it. Or make the second cable just an ordinary patch lead( ie no crossover).

  Andrea2003 14:32 26 Jan 04

Lol...sounds complicated hampster...perhaps I should just leave the PC where it is or buy a very long crossover cable.

  slimbo51 14:33 26 Jan 04

Hampter raised a point I had not considered and he is 100% correct.

2 X-overs=1 through cable.

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