Cross fade on WMP10

  spanglysteve 14:32 18 Jun 05

I've used both WMP and itunes and my preference is WMP, but theres one feature from itunes that I can't live without, the cross fade between tracks.

Does anyone know of a way to do this on WMP?

  spanglysteve 15:03 18 Jun 05

ok i've now found the crossfade, the thing is, it doesnt work, even when I set it on to 10 secs its definately not mixing my tracks, please advise.


  Joe R 15:07 18 Jun 05
  spanglysteve 15:17 18 Jun 05

thanks for the link joe, i checked and i have followed all the instructions as per microsoft, but its still not cross fading, the option is switched on and pushed right up to 10 seconds, but its still not doing it!

its driving me nuts!

  spanglysteve 19:31 20 Jun 05

finally got to the bottom of it. Apparently i had put some codec pack on my machine which stopped it working. I uninstalled that and now it works fine!

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