Cross Browser Favorites

I use IE6, FFox, Netscape & Opera.

Is there any (free) way of managing all favorites so that when I add one on any browser it auto appears in al other browsers?

It must be compatible with all these 4.


  Kate B 14:25 17 Mar 07

Just out of interest, why do you use so many browsers?

  SLAYER 19:39 17 Mar 07

good question

  Diodorus Siculus 19:59 17 Mar 07

An option might be delicious: click here

  Miké 20:13 17 Mar 07

'Just out of interest, why do you use so many browsers?'

Four browsers only! thats not all that many.

I have IE 6.0/5.5/5.0 -- Opera -- Netscape -- Firefox -- Galeon -- Epiphany -- Mozilla -- Konqueror -- Swiftfox.

Why so many? because I can.

Oh and to answer your question cantthinkofanickname, I don't think it can be done.

I test web pages I'm developing. I conclude that I have to go to an online facility.

I find that if I import say from IE to FFox these come up as 'Favorites from IE'. I can add to these but I think it will get more complicated if I then reverse this and import back into IE from FFox.

I would have thought someone would have developed a utility but I guess the vagaries of each implementation will get in the way. An XML file?

Still, I am going to persist on this one.


  moorie- 09:50 18 Mar 07

is this the sort of thing your thinking about
click here

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