Criticial updates have changed startup process

I decided to download all of the critical updates suggested by Windows Update plus .net framework (I have downloaded the trial version of Drive Image 7 and .net framwork is required for it to run).

When the machine boots up, I now have to click on the icon above my user name before the desktop loads. Also, at the login screen, there is a message saying that I have two undread mail messages but there are no new messages in my Outlook inbox.

Whilst these are not serious problems, I am curious as to why I'm getting what seems to be an incorrect mesage regarding unread mail and why I now have to log in.

OS is Windows XP home

  User-312386 23:32 05 Jul 03

it completely messed my computer up

In the end i had to remove it

  DieSse 23:41 05 Jul 03

Unread mail

In Outlook, set the View to show only Unread Messages - then perhaps you'll get to see what they are. Don't forget to change it back afterwards!

Thaks for replies.

Changed view as suggested but there are no new messages. My son recently set up a Hotmail account so I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it, although he has not downloaded any mail today.

  Megatyte 00:01 06 Jul 03

Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express?


  hugh-265156 00:09 06 Jul 03

yes before updateing xp it boots straight to changes to use the welcome screen after.

the unread mail below you username on the welcome screen is hotmail.

try control panel/user accounts and untick use the welcome screen under change the way users log on/off.

Hi, Magatyte. I'm using Outlook.

My other son, who also has a hotmail account on his PC, has explained to me that there he gets the same message at the login screen if there are messages to be downloaded so perhaps I am on the right track.

The fact that I now have to log in at the 'Welcome' screen is still puzzling though.

  hugh-265156 00:11 06 Jul 03

read you hotmail and reboot and it will be gone.

if you look at your mail and dont actually read any of it,it will be displayed next time you log on as xx unread messeges.

  powerless 00:13 06 Jul 03

Unread email - Tweak UI can remove it.

click here

Logon > Unread Mail > Remove tick from "show unread email..."

Thanks huggyg71.

Posted my last response before reading yours.

  Megatyte 00:18 06 Jul 03

Left-click the Start menu, mouse-over Settings, and single-click the Control Panel.

In the Control Panel, double-click on the Network icon.

In the Primary Network Logon, choose Windows Logon.

Press OK.

In the Control Panel double-click the Passwords icon.

Click Change Passwords tab.

Press Change Windows Password button.

Type your current password in the Old Password box.

Leave both the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes blank.

Click OK.

Select the User Profile tab and make sure the "All users of this PC use the same preferences and desktop settings" is selected.

Click OK.

Restart Windows.


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