Critical Update 828026 available

  powerless 23:15 22 Oct 03

Info: click here

Run your Windows Update! click here

IT is a Critical Update ;-)))

"When a content owner creates an audio or a video stream, that content owner can add script commands (such as URL script commands and custom script commands) that are embedded in the stream. When the stream is played back, the script commands can trigger events in an embedded player program, or they can start your Web browser and then connect to a particular Web page. This behavior is by design."

So if you use WMP i guess it could help.

  rev.bem 23:22 22 Oct 03

Strange i'm showing updated on 7/10/03

  powerless 23:26 22 Oct 03


  rev.bem 23:35 22 Oct 03

Sorry to on your parade but i sometimes find Windows updates to be a bit erratic.

For weeks it was offering me driver updates for my modem and graphics card even though i had dowloaded and installed the latest drivers from the manufacturers websites,then all of a sudden they dissapeared from the windows update website.

  powerless 23:37 22 Oct 03

Got it.

I was mesing about and i guess it affected something, and WU detected that it had not been installed.

So it offered the update again.

I also see it has now been installed twice on WU.

SO Critical Update 828026 is available only if you messed about ;-))

  rev.bem 23:38 22 Oct 03

There was meant to be a four letter space between to and on .


  gold 47 23:46 22 Oct 03

I don't bother as a rule with MS updates but i downloaded all so called critical updates to date result after install computer kept lockin up had to use the reset button and uninstall the updates to get my computer working so much for the updates never again.

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