Critical Error - Windows XP

  kentylad 23:03 20 Dec 04

My computer recently popped up with a command prompt screen upon booting, stating that the last time I shut down a critical error occured, and listed several options (Last known good config., Safe mode etc). However, whenever I try any of these options it gets just slightly past the Windows XP progress bar stage, when it suddenly cuts out and restarts, to which the same process occurs.

I have tried removing all peripheral devices inc. PCI cards and Slave HDD's but this doesn't seem to eliminate the problem.

I am toying between whether it is a software or hardware fault....?. I understand there have been similar problems with SP2? However the system has been running fine for 3-4 weeks with SP2 installed.

Spec: 1600MHx Athlon 2000+, 256 PC2700 RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2

  ACOLYTE 00:56 21 Dec 04

I dont know,if my pc has any critical errors,it resarts on its own and i dont get a command prompt i do get a box telling me it has recovered from a serious error and asking if i wont to send a report to microsoft on restart.Xp i think is supposed to mend itself in a way and revert to a safe time before the error,What you may have is a start up error in the boot section,look in msconfig and goto Boot.ini and check the boot paths,may not be that but worth a look.If not you could try a repair of xp.I also have xp sp2 and have had nothing like this problem.

  ventanas 08:48 21 Dec 04

I had this once with one of the pc's here at work. Fine the day before, but when booted next morning I got exactly what you are getting. I was never able to find out why it happened, nor was I able to cure it, despite a long call to Evesham. This was months before SP2 so I wouldn't blame that.

In the end there was only one solution, you can probably guess what that was. Wipe it and start again. I hope you find an alternative solution because it still bugging me somewhat.

  281apple 09:11 21 Dec 04

well Kentylad, join the club. This happened to me in late September and after asking everyone and his brother for help, I finally came to the point that, after having tried everything people suggested - including Microsoft - the best thing to do would to simply reinstall Sytems. So I did format the hard disk and reinstalled XP. Since I did this I have had no other problems. But luckly I had bought and installed an external hard disk before having reinstalled.
If you ever find a better and less time consuming solution please let me (us all) know.

  kentylad 10:07 21 Dec 04

It's fairly conclusive then that the only (known) fix for this error is to re-install Windows. This had crossed my mind initially, but then I realised that after the memory check during doesn't let the system scan the primary boot device, namely the CD-ROM. Thus, I am not able to access this at any stage during the boot.

I would firstly like to try and repair XP but as you can tell; the above prohibits me from doing such a thing

  ventanas 16:09 21 Dec 04

I tried repairing, and everything else that seemed relevant in the Recovery Console - nothing worked. Have you tried booting from the XP CD? It should still do so, hopefully.

  kentylad 19:38 21 Dec 04

Yeh I have tried that but it completely skipped that process. I tried it more than one time as well......

  kentylad 17:31 22 Dec 04

OK. I have successfully recovered the HDD! I had an old HDD with a previous installation of Windows lying around from the same PC, so I ran CHKDSK /F from there on the erroneous HDD. All is OK apart from.....

....the mouse REFUSES to work! I have a MS Intellimouse Optical that is plugged into the On-Board USB port. It definitely received power as during start up it flashes, however once it reaches Windows it will not respond. I have tried other ports, as well as re-installing the mouse and Mobo USB luck!

Any ideas guys?

  kentylad 11:02 23 Dec 04

Anyone have any suggestions?

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