creative sound card connection to creative modem

  KeyholeKate 16:22 22 Aug 03

Does anyone know how to connect so that the PC can make telephone calls - currently I get no sound - either from the speakers or the pc speaker

  smegs 17:48 22 Aug 03

Could U please expand a bit more. Op system, etc.

  KeyholeKate 10:09 23 Aug 03

Have a Creative Modem Blaster V.92 PCI and a Creative Live Player 5.1. There seems to be no way to connect the two. The only connection available on the sound board is utilised by the CD

  smegs 23:13 23 Aug 03

U still don't give us Ur Os. Make sure some1 hasn't muted Ur system.

  smegs 23:16 23 Aug 03

R U telling us U have got different S/card & Modem? Or R they One?

  KeyholeKate 10:50 24 Aug 03

Sri guys.
Op sys is Win93SE. No, no muting - I've tried all the usual things. There is a connection on the 'seperate' sound card (creative 5.1) but nowt on the modem - also creative. Can't get a thing from the creative site

  smegs 15:12 24 Aug 03

I know it sounds silly, but have U plugged Ur speakers into the right Jack? I've just had a look at the Modem on the click here site. it says that U can make Voice calls. Try taking the Sound Card out & then trying it again. Sorry bare with me, I'm running Xp, If I remember, if U go to Start\programs\Accessories there is a telephone keypad there somewhere. If U dial a number from there, do U get a ringing tone? Have U got MSN messenger? do U speak 2 Ur friends through Microphone\Speaker? Try reinstalling Ur drivers.

  KeyholeKate 22:04 24 Aug 03

Yup. Everything is working fine - except the modem to speakers. Recorder works, I'm now getting the tinniest of incomprehensible from the PC speaker - nowt on the sound system. Incidently, mike also works ok with the recorder. I'm pretty sure it requires a cable connection between the sound board and the modem but the modem has no facility for one

  smegs 23:39 26 Aug 03

Has the Modem got speaker & Microphone plugs? I'm taking it has, as it's a voice modem. Have U taken the plugs out of Ur Sound card & tried them in the Modem? I' getting lost now, SORRY.

  KeyholeKate 10:22 27 Aug 03

No. The only connection on the modem is that for the phone line. It (the modem) is a V92 modem blaster which has voice capability. I've been in touch with Creative but they havent responded

  smegs 17:57 27 Aug 03

click here Hope this helps. It says that NO cable is needed. Good luck. Shaun

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