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  david4637 16:46 03 May 03

I can not erase CDRW discs (closed session) using the NTI 2000 software bundled. Different makes of CDRW still a problem. If I ask a friend to erase them (using WinOnCD) no problem.
CDR discs erase OK.
Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks David

  hugh-265156 17:06 03 May 03

closing the disc enables a cdr to be played on a home/car cd player and means data can no longer be written to the disc.cdr discs are the best kind to use for burning and cannot be erased.cdrw can be written to many times over and over again but are very unreliable and will not work in home cd players most of the time.use cdrs very cheap.

  david4637 17:16 03 May 03

huggyg71 - thanks for your reply, which I agree with, but it does not answer my query, which is how do I erase CDRW discs using the bundled S/W.

  hugh-265156 17:19 03 May 03

as above some drives/software just do not like cdrw`s try using a different brand or software burner.or maybe a firmware update for the drive if available might help.

  pj123 19:27 03 May 03

There is something wrong here. CD/R disks are WORM (Write Once Read Many) you can't erase a CD/R disk. Are you sure you have got this round the right way?

  david4637 17:30 04 May 03

pj123 - just meant to say I can burn CDRs OK and that all other CDRW Drive functions are OK. Can not erase CDRW. Thanks David

  david4637 14:08 09 May 03


  david4637 20:27 12 May 03


  hugh-265156 23:28 12 May 03

burn it as a data disc and then you will be able to erase it. if you close the disc you will not be able to erase it.

  david4637 16:04 13 May 03

huggyg71 - not sure what you mean. I have some data on a CDRW from a previous burn, and want to erase it, so I can burn a new lot of data. Do you mean I should format (use UDF)the CDRW disc then drag and drop new data on to it. I was hoping just to erase the data rather than formatting it?Thanks David

  hugh-265156 21:12 13 May 03

are you wanting to delete just one particular file on the disc?if you are then to the best of my knowledge(as i dont burn many discs myself)you will not be able to.the data is read only and the only way is to or erase the entire disc.i may be wrong.

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