Creative Inspire speakers+sub - aweful noise!

  Adam Patrick 17:06 05 Feb 09


Just bought Creative Inspire T3030 speakers (2 satelite's plus sub woofer) to go with my new Acer Aspire 3370 laptop (Windows Vista)

Unfortunately, the sound is abysmal!

I have tried these speakers with my old two and a half year old Advent laptop (Windows XP) and the difference is amazing - excellent quality conpared to a terrible muffled boomy sound with my new laptop with drowns out any trace of music.

Is there anything I can do to make these speakers work with my new Acer laptop?

In the speaker options screen on new laptop there is only option for 5:1 speaker setup though - perhaps only 5:1 will work on new laptop?

Is there a chance these speakers are not compatible with Vista?

There is a sticker on laptop next to keyboard that says "Dolby Home Theatre" but I guess that is the internal speakers so nothing to do with it?

Any help would be appreciated

  STREETWORK 19:41 05 Feb 09

What sound hardware/software/drivers is th elaptop using?...

  canarieslover 20:02 05 Feb 09

Should be an option in soundcard setup to select 2+1 as your speaker system.

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