creative audigy/ inspire 5500 surround probs.

Hi guys,
Anyone running creative soundblaster audigy card with 5.1 surround inspire 5500 speakers.? Have set everything up as per creative set up info,but cannot get sound from rear speakers due to only allowing me to receive stereo output on digital connection?I Have checked Creative web site and they specify setting up for 2.1 speakers and not 5.1 in digital mode!!?? I cannot see the point in this as the card enables 5.1 surround and the speakers are supplied with digital encoder to allow surround.
If anyone knows how to set up to allow 5.1 in digital sound, off either of these products I would be most grateful. Even if it means changing sound card.



No worries guys, found some good info from search archives posted by huggyg71.

But if anyone knows how to set up headphones so they work with 5500 I would be even happier!!
There seems to be know way of bypassing speakers. I do have a multi card reader with headphone socket which I have plugged into line out but I assume due to the digital connection this will not work. There is no headphone socket supplied with Dt5500 so if anyone knows of another option let us know.


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