Creating screen savers

  brewersfan 23:12 17 Feb 04

I have a gif file that I'd like to use as a scren saver instead of the windows logo that floats across the screen. Is this possible?

  brewersfan 23:15 17 Feb 04

Sorry, forgot to say I'm using XP.

  Pesala 23:16 17 Feb 04

Open in Irfan View. Save individual frames. Recompose as a screen saver.

  brewersfan 23:26 17 Feb 04

No, it's just a normal static picture. I know it sounds dumb, but I don't know what you mean about opening in Irfan and recomposing as a screen saver.


  Gaz 25 23:48 17 Feb 04

Res hacker?


Works for me, just change the image.

Search google for res hacker, get the XP screensaver, copy and paste it t the desktop, crack it open in res hacker, change the XP image to yours.

  Pesala 23:57 17 Feb 04

The windows logo moves, so it is animated. You want to replace that moving logo with another static GIF image and make it move across the screen? Or you want to use a static GIF image as a desktop background. The latter is easy. Just browse to the file and select it, but a screen saver is animated and needs to be composed frame by frame. Irfan view is a freeware graphics program from click here that can create screen savers like a slide show from stills.

I never noticed before, but you can use an animated GIF as a desktop background. Horrible, but it can be done.

  brewersfan 11:11 18 Feb 04

Thanks, will try both.

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