creating a password for a shared folder on XP?

  associates 06:00 15 Nov 05


I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. Is there a way of creating a password and/or username on a shared folder on XP Pro machine?. In another word, anyone who successfully logon to their computer as well as being able to access to network from their computer are not necessarily guaranteed to be able to access the folder. In order to be able to access it, they have to provide correct password that has already been setup prior to that. I don't think the file sharing supports this.

Your help is greatly appreciated and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

  rawprawn 07:57 15 Nov 05

I use this but it's not free click here
If you type "lock folder" into google you will find a multitude of alternatives.

  associates 11:43 15 Nov 05

Hi Rawprawn,

Thank you for your help and reply.

If i may ask another question, do i actually have to disable the simple file sharing or just leave all the security and file permission settings alone while using the paid software program. In another words, do i just make a folder shareable on the file server, enable the simple file sharing, buy the product and have it installed on the file server(where the shared folder resides) and everything will work.

Thank you once again for your help in advance

  rawprawn 12:09 15 Nov 05

I'm not quite sure I know the answer as I am the only one to use this computer, but if you have a file say "Letters" or "My Documents" if you lock that file as far as I know it is locked for everyone until you put in your password and unlock it.However I don't think you need to alter any settings for it to work. I think there is a free trial period so you could use that to test it (If they still do it) Also you may want to look at Hide FoldersXP, which I also use to protect financial data. This is an excellent program for me but it simply hides any folder you want to keep private

click here

  associates 12:34 15 Nov 05

OK, thanks a lot for your advice.

I'll try it anyway tomorrow. It's just that i'm a bit nervous if these freeware lock folders programs can only work for local machine that is shared by many users. However, in my case, i need a lock folder program that i can use to lock the folder that is to be shared by many other computers in a network. I hope i explain it well.

I'd really appreciate your help ... :) thanks again. I'll try it tomorrow.

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