Creating my own Screensaver

  Kaacee 10:29 21 Nov 06

Hello, I am pretty sure i can create my own screensaver from a photograph that i wish to use....only problem is i cannot find out how to transfer my pic to the screensaver in display...
my OS is Windows 2000...can anyone help please?

  Coff 10:44 21 Nov 06

2Flyer click here

  ?bob? 10:52 21 Nov 06

1.Right click on ur desktop.
2.Go 2 the "propities"
3. Click on the "screen saver" tab
4. click on the tab with all the different screen savers
5. Go 2 the "my pictures slideshow" 1
6. Insert the pics u want

Hope this will help

  jack 10:57 21 Nov 06

This can be achieved in several ways with out the aid of external software.
1. For a single image- make sure you know where it is located on your computer[the usual default is My documents/My pictures- then any folder you create therein.
having done that got to Control panel/display/screen saver/ browse to my pictures slide show -and take it from there you will need a selection of images for the screen saver to work- it relies on a 'moving element of multiple images'

If you simply wish for a background shot, then go to desk top and browse to the single image,

  Kaacee 11:30 21 Nov 06

bob. tried your suggestion but could not get the "go to my slideshow " bit !!!!!

jack. followed your suggestion's but the "browse" button only appears in "background" not screensaver.....

coff. downloaded 2flyer...worked a treat....

thank you all for your help in this matter it was very much appreciated.

  Coff 11:39 21 Nov 06

My Pictures Slideshow isn't part of Windows 2000. I think you could get it to work by copying ssmypics.scr from an XP computer and placing in WINNT\System32 but I've never tried that. Anyway, you are sorted out now.

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