Creating letterheads in Word

  BillD 10:04 21 Feb 04

I am having a problem when trying to create a letterhead in Word 2000. I can create the letterhead and footer on the first page alright but they then appear on all subsequent pages. I wish the second and on pages to be either blank or possibly a different (smaller) header and footer.
Can anyone help please? I have tried using the 'Help' in Word and cannot get it to work.

File, Page Setup, Layout, Different first page.

  Peter 12:10 21 Feb 04


How about building the top and, if necessary, bottom of the page into the body of the document and saving it as a template.

When you open a new document from the File menu, option New, select your template and all the info you have built will be in there. Just add what you want to it.

This is best done if your letterhead is only at the top of the document and does not have a footer in the template.


  Edstow 12:41 21 Feb 04

The easy, if incorrect, way is to create a table and put all your heading(s) into that. The table can be as simple or as complex as you want but it will only appear on the top page.

You can likewise put a table at the bottom if you wish.

When you get used to manipulating tables it really is dead easy to do.


  Edstow 12:47 21 Feb 04

Addendum: You must, of course hide the gridlies of the table by going to Table Properties, Borders and shading and tick the "none" example. This will then show a grey border on the screen but it does not print.


  Edstow 12:47 21 Feb 04

gridlies = grid lines. Ooops!

  BillD 15:54 21 Feb 04

Thanks for your replies - done it!
Graham's worked.

  canard 16:06 21 Feb 04

Always wondered how to do header- thanks.

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