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  martinmrocks 24 Jun 13

First things first, if im in the wrong place, tell me and I will move the post.

Right, here is where i,m at. I have put together a basic HTML page using notepad++, its very simple and is only performing a simple task, to provide 2 positions with update information. It works by sharing a folder in the C: drive of the "host" pc with the 2 "slaves". When every we need to update the information we just edit the relevant text in notepad++ save it and then the 2 browsers auto refresh every 5 minutes to collect the latest data. Obviously scrolling through a raw HTML doc to find the bits which need changing isn't very user friendly for my colleques so......

I am aiming to put together a database in access, link it to a VB10 form (already created) upon submitting the form the DB will update and the HTML will pull the information from the data base.

So, ref; the latter paragraph: 1= Is this possible 2= IS there a better/simpler way of doing it 3= how to you get html to input information from access automatically? OR is excel better, or neither. Im asking a lot i know, but :)

  Forum Editor 24 Jun 13

I think you've asked for help with this problem in another forum area, and I believe I may have responded with information about file synchronising software.

Forgive me, but I can't help the feeling that you're over-complicating this process. That may be because I'm not fully understanding the problem.

Why can't you just create a master file on your host PC and get some readily available software to synchronise the updates to the copies on the other PCs every five minutes or so? That way there's no need to get involved with HTML at all - you could do it easily in an Excel workbook.

This doesn't really belong here in the Web design forum, so I'm going to move it to the Tech helproom.


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